Tips for Effective Waste Disposal

The waste that we dump takes different time frames to decompose, like a piece of paper takes 2 weeks and orange peel takes 6 months, while a rubber takes 70 years and a plastic cup takes up to 500 years.

It is our responsibility to be more cautious of how we discard out wastes. Check out these basic tips for effective waste disposal.

How to Dispose?
  • Degradable and non-degradable wastes should be segregated and dropped in respective bins
  • Disposing waste should be a daily task and should not be accumulated
  • Solid and liquid wastes should be discarded separately for easy processing
  • Sanitary pads and diapers should be wrapped neatly using paper
Check for Recycle value
  • Leftover food can be used to feed cattle and stray dogs
  • Used toys and dresses can be donated
  • Organic kitchen wastes can be used as a garden manure
  • Papers, aluminium cans, cardboard etc can be recycled and reused
Disposal Safety
  • Discard expired medicines and food at once
  • Dispose broken glass pieces, electronic wastes, etc as per safety norms

The waste that is not segregated and processed properly is simply dumped in our land and comes back to us as food. Would we want our fruits and vegetables to carry the unprocessed remnants of our garbage?

Let us ensure we follow these simple tips to discard and decompose our waste.