The Hidden Problems of Open Defecation

Excreting the waste from our bodies is very crucial for our health. A multitude of diseases will crop up if the waste is not flushed out of our system on time. That being said, it is equally important to ensure that the defecation process is also hygienic.

The faeces that is lying around in open places is a home to millions of microorganisms and becomes a cause of unwanted odour and diseases. A great amount of awareness is the need of the hour to empower ourselves towards a healthy life and environment.

Using the toilet and flushing it properly saves a lot of issues that crop up later. This requires a change in behaviour and understanding that open defecation results in child mortality and disease.

Keeping public toilets clean for the next person to use it, teaching children the importance of hygienic defecation, and constantly checking if our surroundings are always clean can be done by all of us.

Being responsible for our own health and the environment around us can be the greatest service we do in our lives. Let us say no to open defecation and wake up to a cleaner and healthier world.