How To Make Your Home Monsoon Ready

Get Monsoon Ready
The monsoon season in Chennai brings with it the fresh smell of rain, awesome weather, greenery all around and never-ending cups of hot coffee and tea. But how will we protect our home and safeguard our health from the gloomy side of the monsoon, like stagnant water, mosquitoes, and illnesses?
Here are a few proactive steps we can take to shield our families and homes from the adverse effects of the monsoon season.
Ways to stay healthy
  1. Ensuring that garbage is disposed of every day, surroundings are kept clean and no stagnant water is present, to keep mosquitoes at bay.
  2. Washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly in clean running water to kill harmful bacteria.
  3. Eating homemade food and minimizing eating outside for a healthy gut.  system.
  4. Hydrating ourselves with clean and safe drinking water by boiling and storing it in covered earthen or copper jars.
  5. Keeping ourselves clean and dry by wearing raincoats and carrying umbrellas when it rains.
  6. Practicing good hand hygiene by washing hands thoroughly with soap and water before preparing and eating food and after using the toilet.
Ways to keep the house clean 
  1. Clearing all rooftop drains and rainwater pipes to ensure there is no clogging and accumulation of water on the roof.
  2. Installing mosquito nets on doors and windows to keep interiors properly ventilated and prevent insects from coming in.
  3. Preventing moss and fungal growth in walls, furniture and storage items by properly insulating the interiors.
  4. Preventing moisture and dust from settling indoors by rolling up carpets and rugs and using plastic or bamboo floor coverings.
  5. Preventing rainwater seepage by weather proofing walls and external surfaces. Gaps found in window frames and doors can be sealed with putty.
  6. Keeping barrels, coolers, vases and containers inverted when not in use.