Do we know our waste well?

Waste disposal is a daily chore for us. We probably are dumping all our waste choked in a plastic cover to the garbage collector or throw it away. Proper waste disposal is a big responsibility that most of us are oblivious of.

This cannot go on for a long time as we are seeing the consequences of unhealthy waste disposal practices right in front of our eyes.

To start with, let us first understand the different types of wastes that we produce on a daily basis and how often we should dispose them.

Types of Waste Example Disposal frequency
Wet Waste Food waste, fruits and vegetable peels Daily
Dry Waste Cloth, wood, paper Monthly
Garden Waste Dried leaves, weeds Weekly
Hazardous Waste Used lights, batteries, cosmetics, medicinal and electronic waste Immediately
Sanitary Waste Napkins, diapers, band aids Immediately

It is our collective responsibility to dispose waste with proper knowledge, care and efficiency. It only ensures that we are more conscious of our actions and results in a cleaner and healthier environment.

Let us take a vow to #UseTheBin and keep our city clean.